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College Conversations


At Monte Vista data is used as a means of securing greater success for each individual student. The Monte Vista staff utilizes data to drive instruction and data is analyzed to inform next steps and identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. One way that Monte Vista individualizes, analyzes, and makes the best use of data is through the creation of data chats.

In grades 3-6, students and teachers determine goals for students in multiple areas based on data from multiple sources. Each grade level has worked to create a grade appropriate form to guide chats with teachers and students. After chats have taken place, chats are easily accessible so that students are constantly referring to and thinking about their goals and their progress toward them. Because we believe that parents are just as important to a student’s education as teachers, chats are openly shared with parents every trimester during parent conferences and parents are encourage to routinely check in with their students and their progress toward their goals.

At the end of each trimester goals are revisited to check progress and create an updated plan of action. The book College Conversations is also utilized to provide a pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade systemic tool to promote college readiness for all that is not only comprehensive but also developmentally appropriate and set up to be delivered by classroom teachers.